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As we move furter into 2021 we will see new models in production where 1672 is the latest. But we will also see more being discontinued.

What is “Discontinued” you may ask? Simply put discontinued watches no longer in production. This may vary from several reasons, but the most common one is because it just did not sell well. Pagani Design is a small brand and we try out many variations of watches every year. This has a big cost to it, manpower and development. And when a watch just isn’t popular it is better to let go and move on, no matter how much we might like it. This is a business after all.

So does discontinued mean these watches are nowhere to be found? Yes and no. The factory warehouse might be emptied but there might still be someone, a retailer or seller somewhere that still has a small stock. After all the watch did not sell well. But with time these stocks will be dried out too.

That said you can always ask us if we can find a discontinued watch for you if you really want one. First we will look in the factory warehouse, on the shelfs. If we can’t find it there, we will start asking around for you. With luck we might just find one. But do not count on it.

By Mr. Jason Wong


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