Explorer Gone?

After a lot of customers have asked why they have received a watch without the Explorer text we felt the need to clarify the reason for this.

Yes the Explorer part of the logo that has been on The PD-1662 since it’s birth has been removed after a lot of scrutiny from customers. Many felt it did not belong there and we agree. So after all the old batches of 1662 has been sold out all new watches sold will be without the “Explorer” and only have the Pagani Design logo.

UPDATE::: Explorer text is also removed from PD-1661 and PD-1651 for the same reasons.

But be assured it is still the same watch. The only change is the Explorer text.

The PD-1662 without the Explorer” in the logo.

7 thoughts on “Explorer Gone?”

  1. Hello dear Team from the PAGANI DESIGN Watches Company, I have a brand new PD-1662 GMT watch from Pagani Design, I noticed that the bezel and crown have been changed, that´s correct ?
    I noticed that the glass bottom is a bit flatter and the bezel has a slightly different shape.
    I counted 120 clicks of the bezel, the lettering Explorer was removed and the crown is a little bigger and ribbed differently.
    Now my question, is this the newest version year 2021 of the PAGANI DESIGN GMT Watch??

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