Double Tracking

As some may have noticed we have now started to add an extra tracking for our customers.

What that means is that we will continue to use Cainiao as the main tracking system from China, but will add a secondary tracking using the local post and carrier all the way to the door, post office or postbox.

So why would we do this?

Though Cainiao is the most used tracking system from China it still has its flaws. Because once a package has reached it’s destination country, the local post will take over as carrier and have a more precise tracking than Cainiao can have. Example is the US where USPS will take over as the carrier once a package reaches the US borders. The USPS tracking will be more accurate and in case there is an issue, the customer can contact USPS directly them self and sort out any delivery problem as they are speaking the native language and best suited for this.

In the end it is all about trying to get the package as safe to the customer as possible. This is after all what we all want.

For US customers this means the secondary tracking will be USPS

For Canadian customers this means Canada Post
For Scandinavian customers that means postnord

And so on ..

We would also very much appreciate any help from our customers to determine who their local post carrier are so we can add them into our tracking system.

We are learning as we go.

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