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Affiliates Portal

Signup to become an Affiliate and start earning money. If you wish to become one, please apply.

Promoting Code

You can log into your affiliate portal to get your own unique ID Link code and start promoting our products and services.

Real Time Tracking

You can check your referrals and keep track of your earnings anytime by logging into your Store Affiliates Account.

Cash Rewards

You get rewarded a 8% Commission on every sale and future sells by your referral from us. Rewards are transferred once a month.

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What to do!

Register and become an Affiliate:  Register

Add the important information like your name and email.  It is also very important for us to know where you want to promote our products. Use the website, blog, social network or the “other” option for this. 

You will receive an email with the login information once we have approved your application.

Then you can log into your Store Affiliates Account: Login

Now click on “Edit Profile”, scroll down to “Payment Details” and add your Pay Pal email account so you can receive your cash rewards from us. 

Please make sure that the Method is “PayPal Transfer”. Your account is now ready to generate rewards (cash). Enjoy and contact Support if you have any problems.

How it works!

This is the Store Affiliate Account front page.

In Sales you can see how many sales has been done through your referred customers.


In Payment History you can see how much rewards you have been receiving from us.

In Creatives you will find your Affiliate Link(s) with your Affiliate ID. This is what we call your ID Link and it works for all our products.

When someone click this unique ID Link, travel to our website and buy a product from us, you will get  rewarded (cash). 


You don’t need any more links than your unique ID Link, but you can also Generate your own Referral URL Link(s) for individual products. Just enter a product URL from this website into the “Referral URL Generator” form and click “Generate Referral URL”. 

  • Eksample on product url:
  • Eksample on your referral url that gets generated :


You can copy all the links you generate and share anywhere. But please do not spam them around. If you do we will close your account.



This is your Affiliate Specific HTML snippet. A short code for your referral ID Link that you can integrate into the code of your own website.

You can edit your profile, change names, emails etc. 

Remember to add your PayPal email as mentioned in Step #3 further above.


You can post your ID Link as it is or you can integrate the ID Link HTML Code into your website, blog, facebook, youtube or any other media channel you have access to an audience. It can be posted as a link, as a button or as a picture. Use your imagination. The plugin will use cookies to uniquely track each of your referrals that uses your ID Link to buy on our website. The more who click and buy our products using your link, the more reward (cash) you get.

Cookie is a value stored on the client’s computer. When a user comes to our website via an affiliate link, a cookie is saved on the user’s computer. We use cookies to track affiliate referrals.

By default, the duration of the cookie is set to 30 days. This means, if a user comes to our site via an affiliate link and purchases something within 30 days, the affiliate who referred the user will receive a commission for it.

Every time a referral buy a product from us the affiliate get a 8% commission of the sale cost.

Payouts will be done at the end of each month and is done once your balance is $20 or more. If you don’t reach the $20 balance a month, the payout will be postponed until the month after and until you reach the $20 or more balance.

So the cookie last 30 days. But as long as a user pays for a membership/subscription within those 30 days (which they have to do to buy any product), all the commissions after will be tracked and the affiliates manager will no longer need to rely on the cookie to award a commission for the re-bill payments. This means an affiliate will have a life time commission on that customer.