Pagani Design


For many wholesale is not a great solution because you will have to invest a lot into stock. Dropshipping is a lot easier. No stock or big investment needed, except for the website you must make and your own time. Everything else is done by us, like providing you with all the info needed, all the product pics, packing of the products and in the end  shipping the product to your customer(s).

  1. First we make contact and you tell us what products you want to sell. 
  2. We agree to a price so both you and us can make a profit and we tell you how it is done.
  3. We provide you with pictures and the info you need, like shipping, tax etc. 
  4. You start selling watches and make your orders with us.
  5. We pack the products and ship them to your customers. We do not add any extra logo or gifts.
  6. We provide you with a tracking link you can give to your customers as soon as the shipment is done.


You can have our prices in your shop and get the discount as profit, or you can have a higher price and get even more profit. This is all up to you. Contact us to make a deal at