Pagani Design

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Pagani Design is a growing Brand

Pagani Design is growing fast. Each year more and more people are starting to recognize this brand. Our success is based on building quality watches to a low price, having lojal fans and of course having enthusiastic sellers of the Pagani Design products. In the future you will see more expensive watches with even better quality as we are moving up the prestige ladder. The 2020 launch of the PD-1667 James Bond watch and the PD-1661 as a remake of the 1639 model is good examples of this. With increased quality also come an increased cost. But studies show this is what the Pagani Design market want. So the writing is on the wall. Pagani is here to stay. And we welcome anyone who want to be part of this growth to join in this ongoing success story. We will even make it easy for you. Under you can see 3 different options to become part of the team. The easy one, the fairly easy one and the more work one. All has their own suited roles to play. 

This is the easiest option. No stock, easy inventory and everything else is on us. You only need to register here, then have a place to post your Affiliate link, do some marketing/promoting and your done.

As soon as you register you will get access to the Affiliate Control Panel and there you will find your own affiliate link, which is your connection to our website. The next thing you need to do now is to post your link on a website, on the social media and/or wherever you see fit. But no spam allowed** 

And every time someone click your affiliate link they will be redirected to our home page. When this customer buy a product from us, you will receive an affiliate commission (is 8% of the total cost at this time). And the best part is that you will get a lifetime Commission on this customer regardless if he/she uses your link again. So this is not much work for very little work. But it is still best suited for people with a social media/blog/website audience.

**If we find out that you post your Affiliate link on websites, blogs and social media you do not have any other access to than being a normal member and this is reported as spam, we will immediately close your account. Only post on sites you control where you have an audience that will appreciate our products.

Dropshipping is more work than Affiliate as you will need to build and run your own eCommerce/website. Now this can be shopify or any other website. You can build your own website from scratch if you want. This is all up to you. 

We do not have an own part of the website for dropshipping so only normal registering is needed. We will agree to terms through email and we will provide you with all the information you will need to add to your own website.

Dropshipping is very simple. When you get an order (lets say for $100), you come to our website and order from us the same product with a discount from us (for lets say the cost of $90). You fill in your customers name and address. Then we will pack and ship the product(s) to that customer for you. In this example you have earned $10. Of course if your own price would be $110, you would earn $20 on that sale.

This option is suited for those who enjoy building and running websites. For some that is easier than building an audience on a social network or blog like affiliates will have to do.

Wholesale is the most work. There is no doubt about it. But this is also where you have the most control of your situation.

As a wholesale Partner you will have to register here! Once you are given approval, you will get access to the Wholesale Ordering portal. Here you can easily order the products you want, with the distribution price, without the hassle of talking on chats to agree to deals etc. We know this can be very time consuming. All of a sudden doing wholesale has become easy!!

And we try to make it even easier for you, as we have 3 variants of wholesale prices. 2-5 moq, 6-9 moq, and 10+ moq total. This lets you buy a very low quantity of test products with a good discount. We know it is always a good idea to test the market with certain products and be able to keep the cost down while doing so. If they work you can buy the product(s) in a bigger quantum. That said you will have to buy at least 2 moq per variant and a minimum of 10 watches total before it will be considered a wholesale and give you the wholesale discount.

This is suited for people with their own stores and markets.

+ No cost, only passive income.

+ Almost no work as as the link will do the work for you. 

– The profit is already set. But this can be compensated with a bigger audience for your Affiliate link. 

+ No cost in advance as you will spend the money you get from your own customers.

+ Fairly easy money as you choose your own profit.

– More job than Affiliate as you have to take orders, deal with customers and make your own orders with us.

+ You are in control of your situation and a bigger possibility of profit as you should know your market.

+ You have full quality control, terms and conditions. 

– You have to spend money in advance to keep a stock to slowly build up your profit.

– A lot of work running your own store, but you probably already own a store so adding another brand wont make much difference to you.