Pagani Design Steel & Ceramic Bezel Inserts




All Original Pagani Design Parts.

Size: All depends on the model.

Bezel: If a model has Ceramic as standard bezel that is what you get. If it has Stainless Steel as standard that is what you get. Not interchangeable.

NOTE: In such case we run out of a bezel (very hard to keep this kind of stock updated), or  a model is discontinued with no parts left, we will make contact to explain and have the customer either wait for a new batch or do a full refund.


How to attach a new Bezel Insert?

  1. Use a q-tip dipped in aceton or nail polish to get rid of any adhesive that is remaining on the watch case.
  2. Use a good quality metal glue around the bezel layer.
  3. Attach the bezel and make sure it’s angled correctly.

Original video from Watch Complications

More tips and tricks can be found here!  Or you can also add some of your own tricks?

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PD-1639 Gold Black, PD-1639 Gold Blue, PD-1639 Gold Green, PD-1639 Steel Black, PD-1639 Steel Blue, PD-1639 Steel Green, PD-1644 Rose Gold, PD-1644 Rose Gold Black, PD-1644 Rose Gold White, PD-1644 Steel Black, PD-1644 Steel Blue, PD-1644 STeel Green, PD-1644 Steel White, PD-1651 Black, PD-1651 Black Blue, PD-1651 Gold, PD-1651 Gold Black, PD-1651 White Blue, PD-1651 White Gray, PD-1653 Steel Black, PD-1659 All Black, PD-1659 Steel Black, PD-1659 Steel Blue, PD-1659 Steel Green, PD-1661 Black, PD-1661 Black Green, PD-1661 Blue, PD-1661 Gold Black, PD-1661 Gold Blue, PD-1661 Gold Green, PD-1661 Green, PD-1662 Black, PD-1662 Black Blue, PD-1662 Black Green, PD-1662 Black Red, PD-1662 Blue Red, PD-1662 Rose Gold, PD-1664 Gold, PD-1664 Gold Black, PD-1664 Rose gold, PD-1664 Steel, PD-1664 Steel Black, PD-1664 Steel White, PD-1667 Black, PD-1667 Blue, PD-1667 Orange, PD-1667 White, PD-1670 Black, PD-1670 Blue, PD-1670 Green, PD-1671 Black, PD-1671 Black Blue, PD-1671 Blue, PD-1671 Red, PD-1672 Black, PD-1672 Blue, PD-1674 Gold Black, PD-1674 Gold Blue, PD-1674 Steel Black, PD-1674 Steel Blue, PD-1676, PD-1679 Black, PD-1679 Blue, PD-1679 Orange, PD-1680 Black, PD-1680 Blue, PD-1680 Green, PD-1685 Black, PD-1685 Blue, PD-1687, PD-1694 Black, PD-1694 Orange, PD-1694 Yellow, PD-1695 Black, PD-1695 Blue, PD-1696 Black, PD-1696 Blue, PD-1696 Blue Red, PD-1701 All Gold, PD-1701 Gold, PD-1701 Gold Green, PD-1701 Steel Black, PD-1701 White Blue, PD-1702 Black, PD-1702 Blue, PD-1702 Green, PD-1706 Black Red, PD-1706 Blue Black, PD-1706 Red Blue, PD-1709 Black, PD-1709 Silver, PD-1711 Black, PD-1711 Blue, PD-1711 Orange, PD-1711 White, PD-1718 Rose Gold, PD-1718 Silver, PD-1727, PD-1729 Black, PD-1729 Blue, PD-1729 White, PD-YN009, PD-YS005 Gold Black, PD-YS005 Gold Coffee, PD-YS005 Silver Black, PD-YS005 Silver Blue, PD-YS007 Gold, PD-YS007 Silver


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