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Tracking explained

UNKNOWN: Sometimes you might see this status as a result of tracking added premature. So if the status don’t change within a few days, please contact support!

PRE TRANSIT: This message will be shown for example before a courier has picked up the package. After that the status should consequently change to In Transit. But if the status don’t change within a few days, please contact support!

IN TRANSIT: Means that a package has been picked up by a courier and therefore is on it’s way to the customer.

OUT FOR DELIVERY: This message is given when a package has been given a delivery time and hand over. For instance a door delivery.

DELIVERED: Means a package has reached it’s final destination. However it could be in the customers mail box or the local post office. So please check your local post office if you don’t find it in your mailbox!

RETURN TO SENDER: You could see this message as a result of a delivery gone wrong or a package not picked up.

TRACKSHIP: The tracking plugin we use.


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You can pay with most credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Maestro, Diners Club, Union Pay, JCB, Klarna, WeChat.

However, if there is a missing paying option you would recommend for us to use, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

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Shipping & Tracking:

We will arrange shipping normally within 1-2 working days after your order.

After that, a tracking code will be emailed to the customer, usually within 1-2 working days after shipping.

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Delivery can be done to most places in the world.

But some products may be packaged and shipped separately without any extra freight cost for you.

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We would be very grateful if you could leave us a five star positive feedback, a good review will help the brand grow.

And most importantly we need to know that we are doing a good enough job for our customers!

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14 Day Return policy:

We offer a 14 day return policy on all products purchased from our website.

So you might return a product if you have changed your mind.

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1 Year Warranty:

If you have any problems and complaints, please Contact Us about it.

As a responsible website and seller, we will help you out! Above all, our customers happiness is very important to us.

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If you want to return a product please contact us for the right address.

In addition, you must include the invoice and the tracking number.

To clarify you can read about it here!

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